How much time do you have to waste on paperwork?

Recapture Your Life with Contractor Paperwork Solutions

Where would your business be if you could spend more time:
– Building your business instead of sifting through mounds of paperwork? –
– Getting new clients instead of trying to balance your books?  –
–  Managing the job site instead of trying to stay on top of new employment standards?  -

What if you could choose how to spend your spare time instead of doing tedious administrative or financial work?
– At LAMCO Management we have the solution with our managed financial and administrative paperwork packages. –
– You don’t need to hire someone full time and worry about benefits, vacation time, sick leave, and all those headaches. –
– You contract with LAMCO Management for only the services you need for one low monthly rate. -

Check out our contractor and trades-person focused administration and bookkeeping services below.

At LAMCO Management we will help you start living your life the way you want.

A Team You Can Trust is a Valuable Thing

Our Mission? To improve client quality of life by providing the highest value in business administration services.

Exceptional Professionalism

You'll love the added professionalism. Your customers will love it more.

Highly Trained Team

Rest easy - we understand your industry, market, and challenges.

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We're actually, physically here for you. Our office or yours.

Growth Catalyst

We're here to help you reach your business growth goals.

Why Do Construction Professionals Trust LAMCO?

Three little words: Peace of Mind

Beyond Bookkeeping Services

The Services You Need. The Support You Demand.

Bookkeeping Solutions

Who keeps track of your receipts and other paperwork necessary for bookkeeping purposes? If you answered "I do," you're wasting your valuable time. LAMCO expert personnel can take your shoebox of receipts, invoices, and other paperwork and have everything in professional shape in no time at all. You spend your time on money-making business activities, and let the LAMCO professionals worry about keeping your books up to date and easily accessible. Let us process your payroll, invoice your vendors, and send cheques out to suppliers. You have more important things to attend to.


What decisions would be made easier if you had bi-weekly reports available to help you? LAMCO personnel will run a bi-weekly analysis on the areas you need most to help you make informed decisions, such as income statements, cash flow reports, and expenses to date. And we'll make sure your accounting methods follow local and national requirements so that when it's time to pull together year-end financial statements, your books are clean and ready.


Are you up to date with your Customer Relationship System (CRM)? Or how about your safety coordination? Allow us to organize and administer your paperwork so you don't have to. From sending your customers proposals, emails or even setting up meetings according to your schedule, we can put a package together to suit all your time consuming issues. Even tasks outside of your business can be accomplished. Need to book flights for a business trip or maybe just a family vacation? Yeah, we do that too. All in a day's work helping you run your business successfully.


Do you have some pressing financial decisions to make, but lack the data needed to make an informed decision? The professionals at LAMCO are available to consult with you on financial projects, such as cash flow projections and income and revenue projections so that you have a clear understanding of your financial picture to make educated decisions based on solid, reliable numbers. Don't make another decision in a cloud of uncertainty about your financial future. LAMCO experts can help you make better, more sound financial decisions.

Tax Filing

Do you pull your hair out trying to navigate the various tax codes to determine what you're supposed to file and when? Save yourself, and let the LAMCO tax experts file your annual tax returns and all other required tax filings each year. You focus on what you do best--generating new business--and leave the tax headaches to us. We manage the mounds of paperwork associated with tax filings, including all of those forms that need to be filled out, and your only responsibility is to sign off on professionally completed tax returns. We prepare either corporate or sole proprietorship business tax returns, whatever your tax status may be.

Special Projects

Special projects come up that suck your time away from revenue-generating activities. The professionals at LAMCO can provide you with consultation services to manage these special projects under your direction. It could be something as simple as researching new accounting software to help your business grow, or as complex as a safety audit that is critical to your company's rating. Save yourself the headaches and the time spent trying to figure out either of these projects, and bring in the LAMCO professionals to take care of special projects.

Board Room Plus

Are you working out of a small office or a contractor's trailer and lack the professional facilities to entertain clients and prospects for meetings? Make sure you put forth the professional image that's required to get the big accounts with our Board Room Plus feature. We have a fully equipped and furnished professional Board Room that is available for your use that also includes the services of a professional assistant who can greet your guests, take coats and offer coffee, and even sit in on the meeting to take notes. You can have the professional presence you need without the cost of overhead required to sustain that image.

21st Century Technology Update

Are you taking advantage of the technology that's available to make your business life and personal life easier? The experts at LAMCO can set you up with systems of communication that will enhance your business affairs and your personal life. Let us configure an email system and other apps available to make sure you have reliable avenues to communicate with everyone you need to, easily and quickly. You don't need to spend time trying to figure out the technology; we take care of everything for you. Let us make you high-tech without giving you headaches.

Paperwork Profusion

Is your desk neat and organized? Is all of your paperwork available at your fingertips when customers call in with questions? If these questions arouse anxiety, the LAMCO professionals can organize all paperwork in files that are categorized and easily accessible when and where you need them. Our professionals take the time to understand you and your business, and will design a filing system that makes sense to you so that finding the necessary documents is quick and painless. Let us wrangle that paperwork profusion into a semblance of order.

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